Start a Speaking Business

If you’re going into the business of speaking, you might want to think about starting a speaking business.


Having your own speaking business comes with a number of benefits. Often times, you’re in better shape if you are hired as a business instead of as an individual.


When you get hired by a company to speak, there are also a multitude of things you need to think about from a business aspect. Things such as how you’re going to get paid and the personal information that you need to provide to the company in order for them to pay you.


In this video, I’ll tell you the secrets to starting a speaking business. Including tips about where to get business advice and resources at no cost to you.



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  1. Fatmir Hajdari on November 21, 2020 at 8:44 pm

    I appreciate really for your comment and advice. I have company and im only faunder.
    I now to rech right oudience teks a time, but enywhay it’s on the right direction.

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