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Mike Michalowicz

“I am walking proof that a nobody can become a somebody... There is a pathway to get there. I recommend Path to the Mainstage.”

Ramon Ray

“Li Hayes knows those ninja things that event planners want, the stuff that goes on behind the curtain."

Cindy Ashton

“Real world experience and inside information... from both speakers’ and event planners’ viewpoints. Fantastic!"

Stages where my speakers appear - (and you can too!)


Speaking is a business. Your stage performance accounts for less than 20% of your success as a speaker.  What will make you successful as a speaker is understanding what goes on behind the curtain.  You need to do what it takes to capture the attention of event planners and get hired by them.  Focus and plan forward. Getting noticed and understanding the why behind getting hired will ultimately get you more gigs.  There is a specific path to the mainstage.  That is what I share.

Gate keepers, agents and speaking experts share backstage secrets with me about the business of speaking; how speakers create success and why they fail. I want to share my insider knowledge and teach you the Path to the Mainstage.

Discover how speakers are REALLY selected. Most speakers struggle to get noticed because they only look as far as the event planner. They don't promote themselves to the entire prevailing triad that is ultimately responsible for speakers appearing at events.

Universally, these triads choose one speaker over another for the same three reasons. Yet most speakers don’t address these points!

You think they are looking for a certain topic, or a certain price or type of speaker. But the WHY of the selection process goes much deeper than that.

Discovering WHY will get you on more stages.

Avoid the huge mistakes, that even highly experienced speakers make, that destroy speaking opportunities.

Planners seldom reveal the blunders to the speakers themselves. When a speaker makes one of these common missteps, speakers don’t get rehired and the word spreads quickly to other planners!

As an Event Integration Agent, I debrief with multiple factions of the prevailing triad after the speakers leave the stage. I know the common fatal mistakes that ruin speakers. Avoid doing things that will cost you repeat performances, testimonials, referrals and future gigs.

Master the steps to success. Getting to the Mainstage requires the right skills, tools and processes.

Learn all of the aspects of the business of speaking that you need to succeed.

Speaking mastery is much more than a well crafted keynote - content is only around 17% of what impacts your speaking business. Gain understanding about how much to charge, how to get value that goes well beyond a speaker fee, how to get gigs, how to negotiate contracts, how to avoid alienating clients, how to communicate with bureaus, what matters on your website, the secret value of social media, and so much more.

The steps are easy, the work is HARD. Anyone who tells you that taking your speaking career to the next level is easy, is lying. But having worked for years both for speaking events hiring speakers, and as a speaking agent getting speakers gigs, I will offer you insights and experience that will accelerate your success. This is your year to turn the corner and make your speaking career take off!!


Choose YOUR path to the mainstage


a. Do it Yourself.  The Path to the Mainstage online program provides videos summarizing the steps you need to be successful.  Learn the steps you need to take.  Get forms and resources.  Move at your own pace. You can do this!

  • $228 ($19/month for 12 months of access. Billed annually)
b. Personal Assessment OR deep dive a specific speaking pillar - Spend a one-on-one hour with me.  You choose either:
  •  an overview of your current positioning as a speaker I will review what you are currently doing and give you a path forward.
  • we will deep dive into one area where you need guidance
  • $500
c. A Paved Path - 3-month program.  Multiple calls and reviews of material and support.  Together we will walk through the pillars of speaking success including:  Your why, target market, what event planners loathe and love, how speaker hiring decisions are made, speaker collateral, websites, client communications, pricing, negotiating, writing contracts, books, video and more.   The program ends with a pitch to the media - pitched to your target market. (A $1,500 value)
  • $4,990  (can pay in 3 monthly installments of $1,750 each)

You Will Learn

  • How to prepare for and nail negotiations to land gigs.
  • The magic phrase that compels event planners to give you information.
  • Why your current contract is losing you money and how to fix it.
  • What event planners really want (your topic isn’t even in the top 3).
  • How to get your book written and all about ghostwriters.
  • How to discover your optimal target market.
  • How to immediately increase your celebrity status.
  • The methods that successful speakers used to jumpstart their own careers (and how you can do the same.)
  • How to earn value at events 5 to 10 times more than your speaking fee.
  • About the hiring decision components that are common to every event.
  • Agencies, bureaus, public relations and what you need to move ahead.
  • The other reason social media is important and how to make it work for you.
  • And So. Much. More.

Full Path to the Main Stage access is $19/month (billed annually)