Backstage Secrets

As an Event Integration Agent, I get game-changing feedback not only from speakers but also from meeting planners and from event owners.  Knowing the backstage secrets will help you get hired more, make more and be a more successful speaker! Find out what has taken me years to learn, so this can be your best year ever.

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Should You Speak for Free or Always for a Fee?

Have you ever been asked to speak for free? A rule I tell my speakers is “Never speak for free” but there’s more to it than that. Before you say “yes” or “no” to speaking for free, think about this — what’s in it for you? Some of the most valuable exchanges you can get…

How to Have a Successful Website that Gets Gigs

When was the last time you landed a gig through your website? Are you constantly trying to put new information, update the pictures, or do things to refresh and make it more attractive to potential customers? Are you even getting any inquiries through it?   Well, let me tell you this… if you’re not getting…